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Fedora Core Fedora 14 has been released. "The Fedora Project today announced the availability of Fedora 14, the latest version of its free open source operating system distribution. The Fedora Projects leads the advancement of free and open source software with a new distribution released approximately every six months."
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Are you noticing any performance boost? I haven't heard of any other distros implementing systemd yet, but it might make we want to try Fedora.

Yes, it's faster booting up, say 20 seconds instead of 35. But that may be because i'm booting from a SSD drive; there are murmurs that you wont see any speed up on rotating media. Things probably need time to mature.

Frankly the speed up wasn't that important to me since the box is rarely rebooted anyway. But the administration features are appealing and worth playing around with.

You can try systemd on Gentoo if you go that way. Open SUSE has developers working on systemd as well and it should appear there for testing soon if it hasn't already.


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