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Microsoft "For reasons that are not immediately clear to me, it seems that a lot of developers who attended Microsoft's recent PDC event were surprised to hear that the company now sees HTML5 as the way forward for developing rich Internet applications - and not, as they had been expecting, Silverlight. Their surprise surprises me, because past statements by the company had already made this repositioning obvious, though perhaps not explicit."
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Silverlight is the application platform on Windows Phone 7. Nothing to do with the browser.

in fact, this is the point almost every SL dev tries to make. Silverlight is not browser or web technology, it is its own platform.

Silverlight is a portable .NET Framework, and a slimmed down WPF. That's really it.

HTML5 will come to WP7, and Silverlight will be used as the app platform. The world will keep spinning.

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