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Microsoft "For reasons that are not immediately clear to me, it seems that a lot of developers who attended Microsoft's recent PDC event were surprised to hear that the company now sees HTML5 as the way forward for developing rich Internet applications - and not, as they had been expecting, Silverlight. Their surprise surprises me, because past statements by the company had already made this repositioning obvious, though perhaps not explicit."
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The .NET Framework situation is harder than Silverlight. If someone uses a .NET 4.0 feature on any OS where .NET4 is not a given, then the barrier to entry is suddenly raised substantially, as deploying .NET is often an annoying endeavor.

On the other hand, Silverlight 4 is a 5mb runtime with a 90 second install time, where you dont even need to restart your browser or PC.

Silverlight lack of reach is not as big as an issue as .NET vCurrent.

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