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Linux "For a fairly scruffy looking guy, I have a surprisingly healthy approach to organising my files. However, I'm constantly pushing up against the limitations of a system that is based around directories. I'm convinced that Linux needs to make greater use of tagging, but I'm also beginning to wonder if desktop Linux could abandon the hierarchical directory structure entirely."
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Tagged filesystems
by Almafeta on Thu 4th Nov 2010 22:55 UTC
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Tagged filesystems seem to be the "holy grail" of filesystem technologies. Vista provided early attempts, which were (to my disappointment) almost abandoned in 7. They're going to try again in 8. And probably just delay things again.

I think this is one area in which homebrew OSs could really beat the "big guys" to the punch. Adapting from a hierarchal structure to a tagged structure isn't a drag-and-drop replacement.

Even in the case of the 'middle ground' suggested in the article - only replacing the user's directory of personal files - I'm not sure most UIs and programs would be prepared for finding a directory that seems full of literally everything that people have ever created or saved.

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