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Internet & Networking "What if you could essentially fake your death online - completely delete any trace of yourself from Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, Usenet, and anywhere else there might be some record of your existence. Such a concept is largely impossible today, especially given complications from services like Facebook combined with caches and mirrors of practically everything ever e-created. The European Commission wants to change that."
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RE: Portuguese law
by jjmckay on Fri 5th Nov 2010 10:47 UTC in reply to "Portuguese law"
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This is not about government controlling your data, this is about you controlling your data.

That seems false to me. Once people and businesses can be forced (by police action if necessary) to delete data that is in their own storage systems then their data is now under collectivized ownership. That starts the slippery slope of 'what the authorities will allow you to store.'

The RIAA has found a populist route into deleting USENET and other infringing data. It's easy, just use terminology that fulfills people's own selfish and fearful tendencies.

The protection of personal data is a fundamental right.

Carl Marx would agree.

Slander laws should cover this sort of thing. This political action is waaaay overkill.

The obvious goal is to help mitigate incidents like the recent discovery that some Facebook apps were selling user data to third parties.

People willingly submitted their personal information and Facebook apparently followed the law and people are upset? This nanny-state law is trying to protect people from their own stupid/foolish actions.

People say they want freedom until they stupidly submit their personal information onto Internet websites and then they cry foul when that information spreads on the global network. Absolutely absurd. What happened to common sense?

edit: Outlawing foolish behavior creates more problems than it solves. It services the ruling elite who get to create even more laws later on to prop up the failing ones. It's a cycle of misery and failure. This can all be avoided by applying the universal rule: don't do foolish things and don't expect the government to save you from foolish actions without first enslaving you.

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