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Linux "For a fairly scruffy looking guy, I have a surprisingly healthy approach to organising my files. However, I'm constantly pushing up against the limitations of a system that is based around directories. I'm convinced that Linux needs to make greater use of tagging, but I'm also beginning to wonder if desktop Linux could abandon the hierarchical directory structure entirely."
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RE[2]: Not just tagging
by Zifre on Fri 5th Nov 2010 12:30 UTC in reply to "RE: Not just tagging"
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This has been possible for ages. It's supported by all POSIX-compliant OSes, plus Windows NT4+. It's called a hard link.

Yes, I know about hard links. However, I have to get out the command line to create them.

Also, I would generally like it so that if I delete the file from one directory, it would disappear from all the others too. Hard links don't work like that. (You could do that with symbolic links, but you would be left with broken links.)

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