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Apple It's the end of the line for Apple's line of servers, the Xserve. The Cupertino giant has just announced that the Xserve line (no more future models, either) will no longer be sold after January 31, 2011, and advises people interested in Mac OS X Server to buy either a Mac Mini or a Mac Pro with Snow Leopard Server installed.
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RE[2]: Lion without server version
by kaiwai on Fri 5th Nov 2010 23:54 UTC in reply to "RE: Lion without server version"
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When will people learn?
* Only buy Apple-DRMed ACC.

And funny enough they were one of the first to offered DRM-free music world wide - where is the ability for me to purchase DRM-free music in New Zealand? Amazon tells me to piss off if I try to purchase something off them, same goes for Real and any other US based music reseller.

* Only watch iTunes store movie content.

Who said you had to do that? I watch my DVD's quite nicely and they aren't blocked by Apple.

* Only use online video formats approved by Apple.

Based on what evidence? where have they blocked other formats from running on Mac OS X?

* Only download your applications from Apple.

And where have they done that? show me exactly where I'm forced to only download applications off Apple for Mac OS X.

Stupid consumers, stop bitching, pay more.

Stupid post commenting on matters he knows nothing about.

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