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Privacy, Security, Encryption Well, this was to be expected: an anti-virus company complaining that Microsoft's Security Essentials - by far the best anti-virus tool for Windows - is anti-competitive. Microsoft recently began offering MSE as an optional download via the optional Microsoft Update service (which is not Windows Update), and Trend Micro (a patent troll) is going into boo-hoo mode over it.
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RE: Terrible
by talaf on Sat 6th Nov 2010 12:38 UTC in reply to "Terrible"
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You're trolling, please develop? In the consumer market, MS has the largest footprint by far, making them the prime target for any security expert. Over the years they developped alot of inherent security mechanisms in the system while mounting what is probably one of the best threat-response workflow of every desktop OS company. They were bad years ago but please provide substantial results on why they didn't improve in the recent years?

Sure, they're not OpenBSD, but their market is quite different and has different needs. I'm all for a good MS bashing but security since vista/7 has improved by leaps. After that, it's not really their fault people are stupid, dl random exe from porn sites, disable UAC and the likes.

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