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Apple It's the end of the line for Apple's line of servers, the Xserve. The Cupertino giant has just announced that the Xserve line (no more future models, either) will no longer be sold after January 31, 2011, and advises people interested in Mac OS X Server to buy either a Mac Mini or a Mac Pro with Snow Leopard Server installed.
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RE[3]: used some in the wild
by macUser on Sat 6th Nov 2010 17:21 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: used some in the wild"
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The Mac Pro doesn't use rack space nearly as efficiently and it doesn't have redundant power supplies or drive bays for hot swapping. The Mac Pro is built as a workstation, not a server.

I think you should start that by saying, "The current Mac Pro doesn't have those things." I am expecting one of two things to happen due to this announcement:

1. A redesign of the Mac Pro/Mac Mini "server" lines. The current Mac Pro is huge and that was mostly due to the cooling fins necessary for the G5 chips. It could easily be shrunk with enough room for redundant power and drive bays. And as I said, before, with LightPeak coming, internal storage isn't really necessary. They could probably get a Mac Pro down to 4u mounted on its side (I know, that's still too much space!).


2. Apple licenses out Mac OS X Server to one of the current server vendors.

I think 1 is more likely than 2.

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