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Privacy, Security, Encryption Well, this was to be expected: an anti-virus company complaining that Microsoft's Security Essentials - by far the best anti-virus tool for Windows - is anti-competitive. Microsoft recently began offering MSE as an optional download via the optional Microsoft Update service (which is not Windows Update), and Trend Micro (a patent troll) is going into boo-hoo mode over it.
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Maybe the "Best" but not the most effective.
by NeoX on Sat 6th Nov 2010 21:02 UTC
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by far the best anti-virus tool for Windows

I agree with you on this. MSE is the best tool when it comes to fast scans, unobtrusive behavior and performance. You will hardly know that it is installed.

However, best does not always mean most effective. I have been installing MSE on systems since it was first introduced. Going so far as to supplant AVG, Avira, Norton and Mcafee on most of my clients systems. Then the support calls came. It seems that quite a few fake Anti-virus programs make it right through MSE. Ahh but all the others failed to catch them too.

Malwarebytes did prevent most of them, provided you pay the one time fee of $25 to get the real-time protection.

So for some things, MSE is not entirely effective. However they did a major update to the MSE client recently and I have been hearing of less things that are getting through, so hopefully the continue to make progress here. On any system I setup I always install Malwarebytes in addition to MSE, if the client does not want to pay the $25 fee for MB. Even the free version of MB is a great removal tool for these nasties.

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