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Apple It's the end of the line for Apple's line of servers, the Xserve. The Cupertino giant has just announced that the Xserve line (no more future models, either) will no longer be sold after January 31, 2011, and advises people interested in Mac OS X Server to buy either a Mac Mini or a Mac Pro with Snow Leopard Server installed.
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I have a Mac Pro (1.1) which has a Dual Core Xeon explicitly indicated as being 64bit on the apple site, which is entirely incapable of being booted on a 64bit kernel and hence addressing more than 3 gigs of ram.

I also have a newer Nvidia card which I purchased in advance of getting the mac, which flatly doesnt work. I sank 3 hours on trying to make it work, and then realized I would rather sink that effort on doing real shit on Arch Linux.

I was half way to being seduced before I realized the nature of the beast and have started steering away from the rocks of power freak vendors.

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