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Mac OS X Steve Jobs recently told a Mac user, enquiring about the probability of USB3 on Macs in the near feature, that the technology is not ready because Intel has yet to adopt the platform. A recent rumour slated Intel to integrate USB3 it into its chipsets by no earlier than 2012. LaCie electronics, however, is not prepared to wait around until 2012, and has just released an USB3.0 driver for Mac OS X. Just one catch: it only works with LaCie's hardware.
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by Morgul on Mon 8th Nov 2010 15:10 UTC in reply to "Comment by Kroc"
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USB is so badly designed and implemented, it has never come close to the real world speeds seen with Firewire. Firewire 800 still trounces USB3.

Now, I'm not sure about the Firewire vs USB3, I can speak to how terrible USB is. I've done several embedded projects that required either USB connectivity, or a USB host, being run by a PIC Micro-controller. While both are possible, and pretty easy to get working initially, working with USB in an embedded environment made the faults of USB 1.1/2 clear. I got more reliable data out of UDP going to a russian server and back, then I did across the USB connection. And reliablitiy varried by device/computer combination. I found that most USB mice send more packets that fail CRC then they do good ones. It's terrible.

Now imagine a laptop with only one port, but that can drive any number of connected devices, from HD screens to disk drives.

This is where I shake my head. It will never happen. It's a nice theory, but in practice, would be absolutely useless. A laptop with one LightPeak port is about as useful as a laptop with a single USB port. Think of it this way. How much do you like cables? Enough to daisy chain your laptop to your keyboard, mouse, your second monitor, your external hard drive, and your 'LightPeak Mini' enabled phone? *shakes head* Won't happen.

What I predict, honestly, is that LightPeak will replace FireWire, not USB. It will also replace eSata and DisplayPort more than likely. And all computers with LightPeak will come with no fewer than two LightPeak ports. (Three will be standard, with one of them in the traditional HDMI location on today's laptops. It might even be labeled as the display port) Laptops will continue to use USB, phones will continue to be USB, and the Status Quo will remain about the same.

*shrugs* 'Technically Superior' is, and always has been, a technicality. 'Better' isn't based on merit, but on the lowest common denominator between price, proliferation, and practicality. I hate it, but it's true.

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