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Internet & Networking "Last week, critics hammered Adobe over a report showing that Flash drained the new MacBook Air's battery life by several hours. It's not the first time Adobe has been in fisticuffs with Apple: the companies have been duking it out ever since Steve Jobs began ridiculing Flash and touting its alleged-killer, HTML5. Today, in an interview with Fast Company, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch answered critics who might say HTML5 is somehow more efficient than Flash."
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True, but...
by malxau on Mon 8th Nov 2010 22:56 UTC
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It's certainly true that rendering something consumes more power than rendering nothing. However it's also true that rendering things the user doesn't care about in Flash is becoming a significant power drain.

Perhaps the next step for Adobe should be to invest more in limiting the ways Flash renders redundant content. IIRC 10.1 no longer renders on background tabs, for example. It'd be great if this can go further to all off-screen surfaces, or when the browser is not the active process, or even if the same flash applet is re-rendering after 5 minutes of no user interaction when not playing video, etc.

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