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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Symbian has had a bit of a string of bad news lately, but starting today, things might just start looking up again. Major changes have been announced with regards to the Symbian Foundation and Nokia's involvement with the platform, which all basically come down to this: Nokia is taking over development of the platform, while the Foundation focusses on licensing.
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in the same vein ...
by lucifer on Tue 9th Nov 2010 06:22 UTC
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this would go in the same vein of news as NASA suddenly decides to head the development of steam rocket engine. delusion of past grandeur is so pathetically funny.

i have written nokia off my gadget radar 2 years back when i purchased my first so-called nokia smartphone, the accursed n96, and i have been having a good laugh at everything nokia has been trying to do to get back to the top. this is not going to change thing one bit. know why? it's because they are like a horny dog humping the leg. everybody else can see what's wrong and having a good chuckle. but they simply think they are humping the wrong leg.

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