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Syllable, AtheOS The latest version of the REBOL 3 open host kit, alpha 110, enables Syllable Desktop for the first time to run the REBOL 3 client/server RebDev collaboration application for chat and development files sharing (screenshot).
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REBOL 3 update
by henrikmk on Tue 9th Nov 2010 14:55 UTC
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Perhaps it's appropriate with an update on the general status of REBOL 3.

It's a long, long road and still a bit of way to go, but there have been significant changes the past 6 months:

The language core has not changed much, other than delivering a bunch of bug fixes.

Bug database:

The latest R3 alphas support modules. This was particularly difficult, due to the desire to make it very simple to use and also to make R3 modular at the same time.

R3 also supports extensions, so you can for example use OpenGL to render some graphics. It's also recommended if you are using heavy computations.

R3 now has a separate hostkit with open source code, for which versions for AmigaOS, Linux, OSX and Windows exist. So if you want R3 on your platform and have a good deal of compiler and C knowledge, you can contribute. It also helps to refine the hostkit.

GUI work has moved to a third party developer, RM Asset, where 4 developers (I'm one of them) are taking care of both the low, mid and high level aspects of the GUI system. RM Asset wants to make it useful for business applications as soon as possible.

There are occasional releases to the community of informal builds of the GUI system.

Carl Sassenrath, the main designer of R3, also now works closely together with RM Asset, which has made development much more tangible and visible to the community. Generally more developers are picking up tasks to be done and momentum is fairly good.

R3 can be downloaded here:

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