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Internet & Networking "Last week, critics hammered Adobe over a report showing that Flash drained the new MacBook Air's battery life by several hours. It's not the first time Adobe has been in fisticuffs with Apple: the companies have been duking it out ever since Steve Jobs began ridiculing Flash and touting its alleged-killer, HTML5. Today, in an interview with Fast Company, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch answered critics who might say HTML5 is somehow more efficient than Flash."
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RE: Comment by kaiwai
by JeffS on Tue 9th Nov 2010 17:02 UTC in reply to "Comment by kaiwai"
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Yes, Flash sucks, and badly needs to be improved, and Adobe has failed so far in doing so adequately.

However, Apple isn't pure in this matter either. Just look at iTunes, which is absolutely horrible on Windows - takes eons to start up, it's slow, bloated, and has terrible fonts.

Cat, meet kettle.

Also, both Apple and Microsoft are pushing very heavily on HTML 5. But look at their ulterior motive - h.264 - the video codec that is patented up the wazoo, and the patent's owner, MPEG-LA, is a notorious patent troll. And guess what - both Apple and Microsoft are part of the ownership group!

Thus, I only support HTML5 for video if it's not using h.264 - using Google's VP8 open codec instead.

But make no mistake - Apple and Microsoft both want to lure people into h.264, and create a patent lock-in on web video.

Google, like any corporation, is evil. But their business plan - essentially selling advertising, is conducive to openess, which is great to all of us. Apple and MS, by contrast, make money selling software licenses and computers, so their business plan is more conducive to lock-in, monopoly, or other non-consumer friendly, anti-competitive, behaviors.

That's not to say they're more evil. It's just a "buyer beware".

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