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Syllable, AtheOS The latest version of the REBOL 3 open host kit, alpha 110, enables Syllable Desktop for the first time to run the REBOL 3 client/server RebDev collaboration application for chat and development files sharing (screenshot).
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RE: Dead OS
by pandronic on Tue 9th Nov 2010 18:16 UTC in reply to "Dead OS"
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But Syllable, SkyOS, Haiku, Menuet, ReactOS, are pretty much dead.

You are only partially correct.

Haiku is far from dead. In fact, quite the opposite it has a lot of momentum and a beta usable on a daily basis should not be very far IMO.

ReactOS is actively developed, but I don't think it's going anywhere because of Windows' complexity and constant improvement. Playing catchup is a bitch.

Judging from the progress they're making Syllable looks kinda dead or dying.

Menuet has a lot of releases and shows constant progress although there are only a handful of people working on it. Also, I don't think its objective is to take on Windows, but just to showcase how far you can get only with assembler.

SkyOS is indeed dead. It's a pity because Robert (the author) is a freaking genius and SkyOS was in many ways ahead of the desktop OSes of its time. Probably working on your own OS doesn't quite pay the bills though. Still if someone were to pay a nice salary to this guy to work full-time on SkyOS, probably in a year or two it would reach feature parity with the serious desktop OSes.

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