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Syllable, AtheOS The latest version of the REBOL 3 open host kit, alpha 110, enables Syllable Desktop for the first time to run the REBOL 3 client/server RebDev collaboration application for chat and development files sharing (screenshot).
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by cipri on Tue 9th Nov 2010 21:41 UTC in reply to "Comment by philcostin"
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i guess you are not wrong. Most of the so called "ports" are in most cases nothing more than the commands ./configure; make;make install; (and perhaps also other little adjustments). Nothing substantial has been done for syllable desktop in the last few years.

If you look at the sourcecode of syllable, nearly nothing has changed in the last years. Perhaps that's also an reason why no new version of syllable desktop was released since about 18 month, and the version before need also about 18 month (anyway more than a year, i'm sure). And it was planned to make syllable desktop release every 3 month.
Even Syllable 0.6.6 is 18 month old, i'm quite sure, that they will still not release 0.6.7 soon. I could bet that this time it will take more than 24 month (2 years).
Another ex-developer of syllable said once as a supposition: "0.6.7 will never come out".

And related to Rebol. The plans of the "co-leader" with Rebol on syllable, where one of the reasons, why at a certain time, most of the developers leaved syllable (some of the officially, others quietly without saying one word).

I liked to play with Rebol 2, I did some nice applications, but when I saw that Rebol 3 delayed for years, it became too lost my passion for it.
I remember last years, after a lot of delays, it was said: "at about christmas, we could have the R3 release, but i don't promise anything". Since than one year pasted, and it's still in alpha phase.

When is it not very visible what kind of license R3 has.

I think it would be a good idea, to ignore Rebol, till it will be really open source (GPL, BSD, MIT, or something like that). I must admit i don't know what license R3 has, but i guess it's still a quite restrictive one.

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