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GNU, GPL, Open Source Now this is interesting. We see what is at its core a very valid concern, in practice not a problem to anyone, and, thanks to the tone of the press release, close to trolling. The Free Software Foundation Latin America is complaining about something that has been known for a while - there is some non-Free code stuck in the Linux kernel (mostly firmware). A valid issue of concern from an idealogical viewpoint, but sadly, the tone of the press release turns this valid concern into something close to trolling.
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Dude, I literally posted that _one_ other time on this forum, and it was in the context of talking with werecatf about how much we dislike the man.

Well, chances are someone else has posted it here aswell and since I've seen you do it a couple of times I assumed that it was also you. But I still think it's crap thing to do even twice.

I don't know why you hate the guy, I know that somethings he says I agree with, somethings he says I disagree with. But even if I did have some reason to dislike him in person, then I would bring that up instead of as you do go at him through something entirely else since I seriously doubt that you hate him because he ate some crap off his foot.

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