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Hardware, Embedded Systems SweClocker has just posted what might be the first video of the anticipated Bios replacement UEFI .
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RE[2]: First? not even close
by bassbeast on Wed 10th Nov 2010 09:09 UTC in reply to "RE: First? not even close"
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And what is the real difference, other than lots o shiny of course, between this and just having a normal BIOS skip the hardware checks? Because at that speed it is doing exactly squat in the hardware checking dept, and frankly I can just go into my ECS Business Class board and turn on "speedboot" or whatever it is called and the boot will be so fast good luck on catching the BIOS screen if your hand isn't on the button.

So other than adding the above 2TB limit, what good is it? We all know the more complex the code the more likely for malware and crashes, and all that pretty has to be sucking up some serious code. And does this mean Windows 8 will have NO option for booting on BIOS? If so Ballmer needs a good firing right now if he thinks all these folks with nice multicores and oodles of RAM are gonna toss our PCs just to give him a bigger payday.

I know that while I like Windows 7 it will be the LAST MSFT OS on my quad if it pulls that kind of stupidity, not to mention the EU might want to have a word about the Wintel monopoly, seeing as how this would be tying the OS to an arbitrary "feature" instead of simple speed and RAM requirements. To me it looks more like a way to try to force new hardware on us in a dead economy than something we are really needing. I mean how many OEMs are even shipping PCs with 2TB+ drives on them?

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