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In the News Wait, what - let me get this straight. A powerful politician, a politician who managed to bring even the largest companies to their knees, is on the side of reason in the copyright debate? Yes, Neelie Kroes, in her capacity as European Commissioner for Digital Agenda, has openly expressed her support for copyright reform. Her argumentation is incredibly lucid and clear, and pretty much echoes everything I've written about copyright here on OSNews.
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Love all the Obama / Biden talk
by re_re on Wed 10th Nov 2010 23:51 UTC
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It's rather funny how you think Obama sided with the big content providers. In practice this is true, but in reality, somebody threw a bill in front of him and told him what he wanted to hear, and he signed it... Same as G.W., and Clinton before. These guys know nothing of the real issue. You would be shocked how many lawmakers have admitted to signing or not signing bills without even reading them (usually after they leave office).

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