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Java "Charging that Oracle has willfully disregarded the licensing terms for its own Java technology, the Apache Software Foundation has called upon other members of the Java Community Process (JCP) to vote against the next proposed version of the language, should Oracle continue to impose restrictions on open-source Java use. The nonprofit organization has also indicated that it could end its involvement in the JCP if the licensing restrictions stay in place."
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They are asking for another fork. Java is too important to be manipulated by Oracle, and it _is_ released as GPL - the genie is out of the bottle.

Seeing how Sun went down while they didn't earn much money on Java, and since they (Oracle/Larry) couldn't care less about openess (even if proprietization means a slow death of the Java as a no.1 platform independent environment), it doesn't surprise that they are more interested in raising cash short term while Java is still popular everywhere, and used in a _lot_ of enterprise which will be able to cough up required money.

Yes, Sun/Oracle developer manpower will be missed in that case, and the GPL version probably has a few missing bits, but a few tech giants will without doubt stand behind the forked version and supply funds and manpower. GPL is one-way decision and Sun did that for a reason (to save Java if they get acquired).

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