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Hardware, Embedded Systems The gloves are off in the ARM vs. Intel battle, now that Marvell has announced a full-blown ARM server chip for cloud datacenters. The 40nm, 1.6GHz, quad-core ARMADA XP is aimed squarely at a market segment that Intel has seen strong performance from in the past few quarters, and Marvell's co-founder, Weili Dai, is clear about that, saying, "Marvell's introduction of a powerful solution for enterprise-class cloud computing applications is a very important milestone in the mobile Internet revolution."
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by dbolgheroni on Fri 12th Nov 2010 00:35 UTC
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When I will be able to buy my own ARM motherboard, with an ARM processor and build my OWN desktop? Or when I will be able to buy a decent ARM laptop?

I simply don't want those cheap chinese crap netbooks with Windows CE.

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