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Google Earlier this year, Google finally did what many of us hoped it would do: release the VP8 codec as open source. It became part of the WebM project, which combines VP8 video with Vorbis audio in a Matroshka container. The product manager for the WebM project, John Luther, gave an update on the status of the project - and it's doing great.
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RE: umm
by cheemosabe on Fri 12th Nov 2010 11:53 UTC in reply to "umm"
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The title implies that 80% of the videos served 'daily' by YouTube are in WebM.

80% are available in WebM (as the article notes) but only a tiny fraction of the videos served daily are served in that format.

(Nothing against WebM. It's a great standard and a great effort by Google but it's still really in it's infancy.)

The "served" part you added yourself. There is nothing wrong with the text "80% of Daily YouTube Videos Now in WebM". It is correct to the letter. If Video "Monkey gets shaved" is served today in flash, and is now available in WebM you CAN say "the video 'Monkey gets shaved', now in WebM", because now it is also available in WebM. There is nothing far fetched about it. The title indeed isn't specific on being about "being served" or "being available" or "of those being served these many are available" but you can easily find out. Would have been a bit too much description in the title, wouldn't you think?

A little annoyed by the excessive nit-picking. I understood the title just fine on first read.

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