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Mac OS X The jokes about two evils joining up are easily made, but I'll try to refrain. Apple recently marked its Java implementation as deprecated. Well, we now know why: Apple and Oracle have announced that Apple will contribute to the OpenJDK project, effectively meaning that Java for Mac OS X will be developed by the OpenJDK community. Why do I have this image in my head?
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RE: Black helicopter?
by NeoX on Fri 12th Nov 2010 17:37 UTC in reply to "Black helicopter?"
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+1 to your post, I agree 100%. OSX does need Java and perhaps this could lead to a better Java implementation on OS X, not that I find the current one terrible.

I thought it odd that Apple would deprecate Java, but obviously this has been in the planning stages for a while now. Java has not always been the fastest technology on OS X, so I am hopeful that we will see some speed increases with this new open business...

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