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Fedora Core Well, what do we have here? It turns out that Ubuntu isn't the only Linux distribution who took a left turn off the highway, now driving on a road that will eventually lead to replacing with Wayland. Fedora's 'graphics cabal', as they call themselves, have explained themselves on Fedora's devel mailing list. They also explain how network transparency can be added to Wayland in a number of different ways, making the mailing list thread intriguing reading material. Also, everybody happy with the headline? No panties in twists this time around...?
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Wayland aims to be an alternative, however, you appear to be saying don't bother with Wayland cuz its hard? Thing you appear to be stuck on is that most Linux installations today are on form factors where they simply do not care about remote displays etc, and the only other use is servers which do not - and imo should not - need a GUI. If you need idiot-proof interfaces to manage your server, things like WebYast are around already.

I simply think you vastly over-estimate the usefulness of enabling network transparency in the display server. Also, Ubuntu has already committed to getting Utouch working with Wayland, so that concern needn't be maintained either.

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