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Fedora Core Well, what do we have here? It turns out that Ubuntu isn't the only Linux distribution who took a left turn off the highway, now driving on a road that will eventually lead to replacing with Wayland. Fedora's 'graphics cabal', as they call themselves, have explained themselves on Fedora's devel mailing list. They also explain how network transparency can be added to Wayland in a number of different ways, making the mailing list thread intriguing reading material. Also, everybody happy with the headline? No panties in twists this time around...?
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RE[5]: Not shocking
by bouhko on Sat 13th Nov 2010 15:33 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Not shocking"
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You realize that the guy who started Wayland - Kristian Høgsberg - has been working on X[1] on a daily basis for some time ?

Reading the initial mail, the guys pushing for Wayland in Fedora include David Airlie[2], who is working on the open source radeon drivers. Adam Jackons (ajax)[3] is also one of them and he has also been working on various X stuff for a long time.

Not to say that you should necessarily share their opinions because they are working on X. But they probably have *very good* reasons to push for a replacement to the software they've been working on for years.
And if they say that the X protocol has drawbacks (multiple communications for a single mouse event, unavoidable flickering and so on), they probably don't just made it up... they've been working on it for years.

[1] His nickname is "krh" :

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