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In the News Wait, what - let me get this straight. A powerful politician, a politician who managed to bring even the largest companies to their knees, is on the side of reason in the copyright debate? Yes, Neelie Kroes, in her capacity as European Commissioner for Digital Agenda, has openly expressed her support for copyright reform. Her argumentation is incredibly lucid and clear, and pretty much echoes everything I've written about copyright here on OSNews.
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RE[6]: Heh
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The Netherlands has its own share of problems, including the lack of assimilation of immigrant populations, which are now influencing Dutch politics.

I have asked Dutchmen about such things. They, too, have claimed that the average standard of living is pretty good. It is reasonable to have a decent paying job, live in a nice flat, drive a nice car, and not have to worry about healthcare. However, your ability to make a lot of money is limited. Very few people are poor, but very few people are rich. So, you trade your shot at being a millionaire for the security that comes from having your basic needs provided for by the government.

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