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Mac OS X The jokes about two evils joining up are easily made, but I'll try to refrain. Apple recently marked its Java implementation as deprecated. Well, we now know why: Apple and Oracle have announced that Apple will contribute to the OpenJDK project, effectively meaning that Java for Mac OS X will be developed by the OpenJDK community. Why do I have this image in my head?
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The only morality that any CEO of a corporation has, whether it's IBM, Google, Microsoft, or Apple, is to give shareholders value. Where value is defined as maximizing profit, in fact, they can face a shareholder lawsuit if they do otherwise, not to mention losing their job. If you're outraged by this, demand legal reform for shareholder lawsuits and demand longer business cycles (i.e. the quarterly reports that create short-term pressure) for determining share value. Until then you will see a-holes like Elison and Jobs and Ballmer and so on, at the head of corporations; because the job requirement is to be one.

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