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Legal About time! Google has responded to Oracle's amended complaint in the big Oracle v Google patent and copyright hoedown, and it's a contradictory grab bag of various defences, basically throwing everything and seeing what sticks - a normal and common course of events in cases like this. There are some juicy claims in there.
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RE[13]: PolicyNodeImpl
by indieinvader on Mon 15th Nov 2010 22:02 UTC in reply to "RE[12]: PolicyNodeImpl"
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Hold on, what's the problem here? What Google did is perfectly legal: There is nothing in the GPL that says you can't decompile GPL'ed binaries or redistribute said decompiled code; it's still licensed under the GPL.

I would also mention that putting code in the same source tree doesn't make all of the code part of the same work. For example, in one of my projects I have rhino.jar and closure-compiler.jar in my build directory. Rhino is MPL/GPL'd and Closure Compiler is Apache Licensed but my project is New BSD licensed; the same goes for jQuery. Am I infringing on Mozilla and Google's copyrights to their respective works? No. These tools are in my source tree for testing and minifying, nothing else.

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