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Internet & Networking "Popular social networking site Facebook today announced it is rolling out a whole new messaging system over the next few months that 'isn't just e-mail', but integrates four common ways users communicate: email, Facebook messages and chat, and SMS, and archives it all in a single thread." Will not succeed. Email/Facebook is free, SMS isn't, especially not when those tiny 160-character messages are getting body-scanned or violated when crossing borders. I'd hate to use this technology only to end up with a massive phone bill.
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I have email server and sometimes I'm offering nice email names for friends. The fact is, not that much people wants email. I plan to run a survey, like "Do you use email in personal communication or social networks". As I predict, many people writes to their friends over social networks and the good ol' email will be forgotten after some time in personal communication. I'm not talking about official company mails. But even companies, especially smaller and if they are selling something, tend to make a Facebook page or twitter.
So, I guess this FaceBookMail mix will make it and people will use it.
Also a question for you - do you still use email to communicate with friends?

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