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Windows Dismayed Windows App developers needed some assurances from Microsoft after news of the following incident got round. They got it.
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Code Obfuscation Done Right...
by looncraz on Tue 16th Nov 2010 14:24 UTC
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My LoonCAFE project supports highly evolved Code Obfuscation for applications... using an extremely simple method:

Automatic object/function/variable renaming and re-ordering per build. For debugging purposes, a program is being written to interpret back-traces for a given build.

Can be rather hard to figure out what d369_a41:phyt43->ji484(juj*, djd8&) is doing when the internal code is:

::_m89r = oopdd_1(djd8_0);
::asm("mov ax, CR0");

And even more difficult when it all changes order in memory with subsequent builds :-)

Not full proof, naturally...

--The loon

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