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Oracle and SUN Today Oracle released its latest version of Solaris technology, the Oracle Solaris 11 Express 2010.11 release. It includes a large number of new features not found in either Oracle Solaris 10 or previous OpenSolaris releases including ZFS encryption and deduplication, network-based packaging and provisioning systems, network virtualization, optimized I/O for NUMA platforms and optimized platform support including support for Intel's latest Nehalem and SPARC T3. In addition, Oracle Solaris 10 support is available from within a container/zone so migration of existing systems is greatly simplified. The release is available under a variety of licenses including a supported commercial license on a wide variety of x86 and SPARC platforms.
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RE[4]: ZFS
by Laurence on Tue 16th Nov 2010 14:48 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: ZFS"
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I dont agree with your post. I suggest you stop worrying about ZFS and start to worry about BTRFS instead. One of the great things about ZFS is because your data is safe with ZFS. I doubt your data is safe with BTRFS, as your data is not safe with XFS, JFS, ReiserFS, hardware raid-5 or 6, etc - which is showed in current research. I therefore doubt BTRFS keeps your data safe.

You've missed my point. I'm not worried about my data (as I said when I opened this discussion, I'm somewhat of a ZFS fanboy). I'm worried about the future development of ZFS.

Why do you think ZFS is slower than BTRFS?

I never said nor even suggested it was slower.

BTRFS is just another Linux filesystem - and as we all know, Linux filesystems are not really ready for Enterprise use, as they scale bad.

BtrFS isn't just "another Linux file system" though. It's built by Oracle and Oracle are all about salability and enterprise use. BtrFS is also the underlying file system behind Oracles distributed file system (the name of which escapes me). So Oracle do have a vested interest in making BtrFS work as much as they do with ZFS.

You want to see links and articles about this?

Actually yes please. Not because I dispute your claims but more because I'm a geek and enjoy this kind of reading material ;)

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