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Windows Dismayed Windows App developers needed some assurances from Microsoft after news of the following incident got round. They got it.
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Old news
by Driht on Tue 16th Nov 2010 18:25 UTC
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There are no news here. It has been trivial from the beginning of .NET to decompile and get the source code of any assembly (DLL, EXE...). It's fast and easy too. Microsoft never have hided that. De facto, every managed code is open source (which is very different of free software, of course). Any version of .NET on any platform is the same (Windows Mobile, XP, Vista, 7... Yeah, Mono too). If you can't decompile it, it is not managed code.

What's new, now? Security concerns? The source code to Linux is easy to get too (not as easy, but easy), and nobody complains about that. A lot of people even thinks of it as an advantage. Think about it: you can take a peek at the code of every app you use an really know if they are violating your privacy, or other nasty things.

Obfuscation? Microsoft is talking about that since, I dunno, 2003? The rule is: if you don't mind people looking at your source code, you do nothing. If you don't want people to do that, you obfuscate the code using any of the tools available (choose one). If you can't live with that, don't use .NET. Or renounce to distribute your software, because everything -.NET or not- can be decompiled; the code can get very messy, to the point to seem to be obfuscated, but that's all.

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