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In the News As none other I know how problematic it is to discuss matters related to politics on the web. However, every now and then, there's no way around it, and this is one of those moments. There's this thing going on at airports in the US, and while many will see it as a separate issue, the body scanner issue, and the sad stories it has spawned, are symptoms of a far larger problem that is a direct threat to everything we've fought for during and since the Enlightenment.
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by Aragorn992 on Wed 17th Nov 2010 06:50 UTC
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If you don't like being "sexually violated" then take a f$&*ing boat or train. I'll gladly trade the increased security (even if it isn't necessarily 100% foolproof) for reducing the risk of someone getting a bomb through.

You make points that it is "unclear" if the new scanners would have worked against the Christmas Bomber. Well, you don't make a conclusive argument the other way either.

Frankly, security at airports has been too relaxed for far too long and I'm suprised that more bombs haven't been smuggled aboard.

I do not want to fly on an unsafer plain because people are shy about "nudity", or uppity about getting a pat down. Just deal with it.

P.S. One of the more promising methods I heard was an "instant" lie detector machine developed by Israel. They ask everyone one simple question like "do you have any plans to blow up this plane". If the result is a little bit dodgy, you get completely searched.

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