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In the News As none other I know how problematic it is to discuss matters related to politics on the web. However, every now and then, there's no way around it, and this is one of those moments. There's this thing going on at airports in the US, and while many will see it as a separate issue, the body scanner issue, and the sad stories it has spawned, are symptoms of a far larger problem that is a direct threat to everything we've fought for during and since the Enlightenment.
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RE[2]: Bullshit
by Aragorn992 on Wed 17th Nov 2010 11:03 UTC in reply to "RE: Bullshit"
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The bullshit is that the terrorism is being perpetrated by our governments and they are treating us like chattle.

The last time a plane was blown up was over Scotland 1988 and most of these recent "caught bombers" have been plants who have bypassed normal security systems escorted by Gov Agents in the first place.

This is nothing more than rape of privacy and $$ furtherment of US defense industry. If you want to know how real screening is done then fly in and out of Tel Aviv. But then the Israelis seem to know how to train their security instead of just hire the local Brute Squad and wasting money on tech that is useless.

If you're really paranoid - do the rest of us a favour and don't fn fly. Leave the rest of us to enjoy our freedoms and dignity.

I'm not paranoid. Paranoia is irrational and unless I am imagining things there was almost a few planes blown up over europe recently. These of course were due to imperfect security on cargo but the same principel applies. Ref:,1518,728180,00.html

If this isn't evidence enough for greater airport security (whether it be cargo or passengers) I don't know what is ;) It is simply a fact of life now that airport taxes and security checks will have to be increased.

You may well be right in that "terrorism is being perpetrated by our governments". That still doesn't change the fact that it is still very easy to smuggle a bomb on board a plane.

I was for greater airport security before these bombings these last few years, not because of them (or because of the government lies). Whether or not "terrorism is being perpetrated by our governments" is irrelevant. And stop preaching about freedoms and dignity blah blah blah. This is subjective nonsense. You've got the freedom not to fly and you can keep your dignity by staying at home. Don't I get the freedom to minimise my chance of having someone aboard my place who might want to blow it up?

Well perhaps segregated flights are the future. In one group, less secure checks and cheaper, in the other group more secure, time consuming and expensive ;)

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