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In the News As none other I know how problematic it is to discuss matters related to politics on the web. However, every now and then, there's no way around it, and this is one of those moments. There's this thing going on at airports in the US, and while many will see it as a separate issue, the body scanner issue, and the sad stories it has spawned, are symptoms of a far larger problem that is a direct threat to everything we've fought for during and since the Enlightenment.
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Empire In collapse
by hackus on Wed 17th Nov 2010 16:26 UTC
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The republic first of all, is dead.

If any of you think you live in a republic, you have a very myopic view of history.

Right now, they are robbing you blind, and right out in the open.

They do not even attempt to hide their crimes.

"Sorry, we stole all of your money, so there is none left. We are sorry to inform you we have to enforce austerity measures, so we can rob you further."

Europe knows what these people are doing, they are not stupid.

What is so sad is all of these TSA and Homeland Security people are, are just common thieves. Nothing special.

From Chertoff planning for years to make billions in the bomb making business so he can sell you a machine that "detects" bombs to all the pay offs Napolitano gets from her position of influence.

They are not even clever theives. But they have the backing now of the US Military, and if you attempt to remove these people you are going to have to declare civil war.

These people are not just going to go away quietly with all of this power and wealth they have obtained.

Expect very dark days ahead indeed, because as the dollar collapses, they may become desperate to preserve their wealth and take us all to fight new wars,


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