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Humor Windows NT name size limits, network cabling and protocols, Linux printer daemon commands, AD&D character alignments -- find out how much you know where it really counts by taking InfoWorld's 2010 Geek IQ Test.
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by Anonymous Coward on Thu 18th Nov 2010 02:39 UTC
Anonymous Coward
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That THING asked me questions about Windows, and accused me of watching Television and owning an iPhone.

Windows warps the brain, and if I ever watch Television, it's the Simpsons, or Futurama, not f***ing Alley McBeal. I got the free Win Mobile phone from Verizon, and put Android on it....

I've talked to int21h, I have the root password. How dare they speak to me in that manner.

Come back when you've fiddled with CP/M, or at least hex edited a piece of software as a prank.... then you can talk to me...

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