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Humor Windows NT name size limits, network cabling and protocols, Linux printer daemon commands, AD&D character alignments -- find out how much you know where it really counts by taking InfoWorld's 2010 Geek IQ Test.
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by sorpigal on Thu 18th Nov 2010 12:23 UTC
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Question 14: To restart the printer daemon for a Linux printer, you’ll use the command:
Correct Answer: Restart [printer name]

On what system is there a command called 'Restart' which is used to restart a daemon? Some other commenter mentions a redhat-specific 'restart' wrapper, so I suppose that's what this was referring to, but to capitalize the R indicates (1) that the authors are unix neophytes at best and (2) that no one who doesn't use this command regularly will choose this option. I went with chanting on this one since all options were obviously incorrect.

I can understand including a little Windows trivia, like the aero acronym thing, but there was far, far too much. Makes me pine for the days of the ludicrous speed nerd test!

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