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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless ...and finally it pays off for OSNews to have a Dutch editor. Yes, I knew this glorious day would one day be upon us, the day upon which the rest of the technology world would be struggling with Google Translate to decipher a Dutch article with news in it. But not for OSNews, oh no! Anyway, Steve Wozniak, Apple founder and still technically an employee, gave an interview to a Dutch newspaper (the worst we have, but still) in which he made some interesting remarks. Update: Told you it's the worst newspaper we have.
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We'll see..
by leos on Thu 18th Nov 2010 23:38 UTC
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Wozniak states that Android is the Windows of the smartphone world, and that while it still needs polishing, it will eventually be on par with the iOS.

Android will certainly be the #1 platform because there are so many options, and some of them are quite cheap (hence Walmart being the #1 retailer).

However I recently tried a top of the line Android phone with Android 2.2, and while superficially it can do all the things the iPhone can do, it's a far cry from being as easy or pleasant to use. Things like transitions are copied from the iPhone, but just not polished. Some are too slow and annoying, some are too fast and unnatural feeling.

Just comparing the interface for a simple thing like the camera. The android version just has mounds and mounds of options and adjustments. It's a cell phone, not an SLR! Classic example of adding features just because they can, and not actually thinking through what would make sense for the user.

Not that there is anything actually "wrong" with Android, it's just the difference between a polished product where everything is well thought out and optimized, and an interface that feels thrown together.
Android will gain market share for being cheap, and it will always be an awesome hackers phone for being open, but I don't think it will ever quite be on the same level of polish as the iPhone.

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