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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless ...and finally it pays off for OSNews to have a Dutch editor. Yes, I knew this glorious day would one day be upon us, the day upon which the rest of the technology world would be struggling with Google Translate to decipher a Dutch article with news in it. But not for OSNews, oh no! Anyway, Steve Wozniak, Apple founder and still technically an employee, gave an interview to a Dutch newspaper (the worst we have, but still) in which he made some interesting remarks. Update: Told you it's the worst newspaper we have.
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RE[2]: We'll see..
by polaris20 on Fri 19th Nov 2010 21:41 UTC in reply to "RE: We'll see.."
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Actually, iPhone is a joke compared to Android: closed, crippled and feeling outdated with each new Android device.

Apple has already lost the sales & market share battle against Android. And this is only the beginning.

Mac Vs Windows history anyone?. Heh, "Those Who Forget History Are Doomed to Repeat It" ^^.

I see you're an expert at stating opinion as fact. Here's my opinion; having had a Droid since launch, a first gen iPod touch, and now a 4th gen iPT, and a Samsung Galaxy S: Android is frustrating, unrefined, and unstable compared to iOS. Additionally, the apps are generally of lower quality.

For the average user not looking to re-compile this and that, Android is only open if you're an OEM, who then apparently feels obligated to throw shitty UI after shitty UI on it in a failed attempt to brand the phone. Blur, Sense, and whatever the hell is on Samsung stuff is just unnecessary.

Furthermore, for all the crap iOS has gotten for security, Android is even worse, and Google doesn't seem to be all that interested in hurrying up and fixing the holes.

Lastly, I don't think Apple really gives two squirts about market share, for phones or computers, since they make more money than any single vendor of Android or Windows out there.

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