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NetBSD Another version of the extremely portable unix-like operating system NetBSD was released today. This release fixes many security issues and bugs. It also includes a good amount of new features. Please read the announcement here.
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RE: Unix-like??
by brynet on Sat 20th Nov 2010 02:59 UTC in reply to "Unix-like??"
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It's a legal technicality, you can't refer to an OS as Unix as that's a certification which costs money.

Indeed the various free BSD projects are based on 386BSD(4.3BSD) and 4.4BSD, which have been the basis for many certified commercial Unix systems today.

Unix-like isn't an insult really, BSD is still probably more Unix-like than most Linux distributions today.

As for driver compatibility, the most popular project is FreeBSD and as such any proprietary binary-only drivers released tend to be exclusively for FreeBSD.

There is no binary/ABI compatibility for BSD drivers, source compatibility isn't even guaranteed at that level.. fortunately porting source code is more of a likelihood, because of shared heritage (..but they have all diverged considerably).

Open source Xorg/DRM+DRI/Mesa drivers have improved considerably over the years, and the performance is far from terrible.

nVidia officially recommends the "vesa" framebuffer if their blob is unavailable.. like on OpenBSD/NetBSD.

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