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NetBSD Another version of the extremely portable unix-like operating system NetBSD was released today. This release fixes many security issues and bugs. It also includes a good amount of new features. Please read the announcement here.
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RE[3]: Unix-like??
by MobyTurbo on Sun 21st Nov 2010 16:05 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Unix-like??"
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"By your logic, Tru64 isn't Unix then.

Huh? I didn't state that certified Unix wasn't Unix. The only thing you can say by my logic is that any descendant of Unix is Unix. Tru64 is obviously Unix. Genetically as well as certified. That said I don't consider all certified Unicen for Unix. OS X is not Unix in my mind, even though it is certified Unix. Compatibility layers are not enough for me ;)

Arguably MacOS is the compatibility layer on OS X, not the NeXTStep bits that include a BSD personality of CMU Mach.

(OSF/1, DEC's own Unix which became Tru64, and some other commercial Unixes use it - CMU Mach with a Unix personality was arguably the most standard SysV configuration at the time NeXT was popular). It's entirely possible to run OS X's "Darwin" without some of the MacOS bits, hence the Darwin distributions.

Perhaps, next you're going to argue that CMU Mach disqualifies these SysV Unixes as Unix, or perhaps the mere presense of the NeXT Frameworks on the system does (please don't install GNUstep then, it'll make your Linux stop being a Unix clone. ;-) )

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