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NetBSD Another version of the extremely portable unix-like operating system NetBSD was released today. This release fixes many security issues and bugs. It also includes a good amount of new features. Please read the announcement here.
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RE[4]: Unix-like??
by sorpigal on Mon 22nd Nov 2010 15:00 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Unix-like??"
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You're misinformed. BSDs don't contain any AT&T/Bell Labs copyrighted code, but they sure as hell do contain "Unix" code. The only way in which a BSD isn't a Unix is in the sense that it isn't necessarily certified as such and can't call itself UNIX(tm). The BSD guys are very sensitive to the copyright, trademark and certification issues due to the lawsuit. As such it is typical to call BSDs Unix-like, or even to censor the word and say e.g. UN*X when talking about BSD, but that doesn't in fact make BSD not Unix. It's a legal fiction.

One could make the argument that your average Linux distro is more UNIX than any *BSD

I'd love to hear you attempt such an argument.

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