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Linux "There has been work by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories in porting ZFS to Linux as a native Linux kernel module. This LLNL ZFS work though is incomplete but still progressing due to a US Department of Energy contract. It is though via this work that developers in India at KQ Infotech have made working a Linux kernel module for ZFS. In this article are some new details on KQ Infotech's ZFS kernel module and our results from testing out the ZFS file-system on Linux."
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by Drumhellar on Tue 23rd Nov 2010 06:20 UTC
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I don't like Phoronix. So often, it seems that they don't understand what they are benchmarking. I'd imagine the discussion to benchmark ZFS went something like this.

"Hey. I've got an idea. I just got my hands on a pre-release ZFS Linux module that nobody else has access to. Let's benchmark it!"

"Well, we don't have a test system that's at all representative of what people who need ZFS would be using. I mean, it's only got half the ram that an actual production system might be using at an absolute minimum. Plus, our benchmarks don't run continuously, so the heavy amount of caching that ZFS does won't be utilized, skewing results in a dis-favorable manner. Never mind that this is early code that hasn't even been released yet."

"Yeah, but, people won't realize that until they click through a large amount of pages, each crammed full of as much advertising as possible."

Why did they only include Solaris on a couple of tests? They don't say.

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