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Google "Google's Chrome Operating System launch has been delayed, and the platform won't be available to launch on netbooks for at least the 'next few months'. Google CEO Eric Schmidt revealed as much to reporters in a Q&A session at the Web 2.0 Summit Nov. 15, adding that the platform continues to be targeted for devices with a keyboard. Though he didn't provide a reason for the delay, he certainly shredded the rumor that there would be netbooks based on Google's Chrome Operating System launching this month."
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RE[3]: Just drop it already
by Laurence on Tue 23rd Nov 2010 14:23 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Just drop it already"
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I have one. Android is very immature. Mouse pointer sometimes freezes for a second. AC100 doesn't have touch screen, but applications lacks keyboard shortcuts, only BIG onscreen buttons. Very bad.

Well it is a touch screen OS so it actually makes more sense to be built that was.

Two browsers available are equally crap-full.

They're excellent for the smartphone, but I can see why you wouldn't want them on a netbook.

Familiar keyboard actions doesn't work (like Shift-select / Ctrl+XCV)
!@#$%^&, etc are entered with ALT, not SHIFT.

That would be down to Toshiba's implimentation.

Opera Mobile frequently ignores "submit" button while posting to forums - something is seriously broken here.

This is nothing to do with Google Android as it's a third party application (it's like blaming Windows for rendering bug in Firefox)

Plus it's Opera Mini that's on Android, not Opera Mobile. They're different products.

Youtube client doesn't work at all. It worked first time, but later something happens and it is dead now.

Works perfectly on my phone so once again it's something that either Toshiba or yourself have broken.

Not much of "innovation", but more a half-baked product.

Well to be fair, the majority of your complaints are either relating to (what sounds like) a bodge job that Toshiba did or with third party apps that has nothing to do with Android. Either way and through no fault of your own, I don't think you've given Android a fair try as (in my opinion at least) it works wonderfully on touch screen devices.

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