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Novell and Ximian We were well aware that Novell had put itself on the market, coyly winking at passers-by, displaying its... Assets. VMware was a contender, but things have played out entirely different: Novell has been bought by Attachmate Corp., with a Microsoft-led consortium buying unspecified intellectual property from Novell.
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RE[5]: patents?
by elsewhere on Wed 24th Nov 2010 02:08 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: patents?"
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but do you think some WordPerfect IP is worth 2 billion to Microsoft?

The MS consortium is paying $450M for the IP, and it won't incude WordPerfect since Corel bought them from Novell long ago.

Novell holds patents that have always been a concern for MS, related to networking and directory-based technologies, among others. Novell was doing workgroup computing long before MS did. Those patents are very likely the reason that Microsoft's deal with Novell was a cross-licensing deal in Novell's favor, as opposed to the other companies like Xandros that simply wound up having to pay a license fee to MS.

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