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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu After announcing the move to Unity, and the eventual move to Wayland further down the line (someday one day perhaps eventually maybe once when unicorns roam the earth), Ubuntu is announcing yet another major change, this time in its release policy. While they're not moving to a rolling release as some websites are claiming, they will update components and applications more often.
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Seems like an O.K. idea to me.
by Tuishimi on Wed 24th Nov 2010 18:38 UTC
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As long as all the proper testing is done before releasing the software for update.

I like incremental updates. Both Mac OS X and Windows 7 do that - and you have the option to NOT update the apps or system components if you would rather wait and see all the posts in forums the next day from the people who installed the updates then ran into trouble. ;)


Also, when I ran Ubuntu I tended to go out and get the latest versions of software (non-Ubuntu repo) and install it manually anyway. This way people would be less tempted to do that and not risk messing something else up with shared libraries or something. Tho' in the case of Firefox I'd install into my $HOME directory and just set my path and start icon[s] accordingly.

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