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AMD "While we are still waiting on open-source support for the AMD Radeon HD 6000 series of graphics cards that were released last month, today AMD is releasing their initial open-source support for their Ontario hardware. AMD's Ontario is their low-powered Fusion processor designed for use in netbooks and other such devices. This dual-core chip with integrated Radeon HD 6250 graphics is only starting to ship now, but the open-source support for this first AMD Fusion chip is now available to Linux users, complete with 3D support."
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That's not going to happen. Hopefully, MeeGo will be a better and more suitable distro, because that's probably what they're going to use.

AMD will use Meego almost certainly.

In an effort to expand software compatibility for its upcoming Fusion chips, Advanced Micro Devices on Monday joined rival Intel's efforts to develop the open-source MeeGo OS.

In fact, these open source drivers for the Ontario AMD Fusion APUs are probably a part of their contributions to Meego.

I do not see a need for a person to be able to walk into a store and buy a computer with linux pre-installed because it will most likely have a distro that is not wanted.

Definitely Meego.

Meego claims to be targetted at: netbook, handset, in-vehicle, connected TV and media phone devices.

It will be up to OEMs to ship product with AMD Fusion and Meego installed. On most of those devices it would be a no-brainer, as the consumer has no idea of the OS anyway. Microsoft were able to prevent Linux on netbooks being offered for sale after it started selling like hotcakes on the first netbooks, but I'm not sure that Microsoft will be able to continue to do so.

After all, if an OEM ships a netbook-class machine with Windows, Microsoft will put constraints on the machine (so that it doesn't undermine laptops). There will be no such restriction if Meego is the OS shipped.

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