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General Development "It is sometimes hard to form a mental model of a directory tree when working with the command line. GUI shells tend to provide more visual cues. So, like a lot of Bash users, I used to get around this by printing the current working directory in my shell prompt. However, things can get pretty cramped when dealing with deeply nested directories. A better solution is needed."
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Why not set the GUI terminal title?
by Hypnos on Wed 24th Nov 2010 22:58 UTC
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I don't use OSX -- does not support the escape sequence to set the GUI terminal title? If indeed it does, I think that's a better option for showing long working directory paths.

I use the following bash prompt on my Linux desktop:

export PS1="\[\033]0;\u:<\w>\007\]\n\[\033[01;33m\] > \[\033[00m\]"

This puts all the info into the GUI terminal titlebar, and the only prompt I have in the terminal is a neatly separated > .

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